“I don’t see anything wrong with giving 10% of my salary as Tithe to my pastor” – Corporate lady causes confusion online

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A corporate lady has shared her view on why she sees nothing wrong with giving 10% of her salary to her pastor as a tithe.

Adekanye Tolulope describes herself as a Nigerian lady who works as a food technologist. This view of hers on social media has created some sort of confusion amongst netizens.

According to her, she does not think if she gives part of her salary to her pastor as a tithe, that will make her poor. Tolulope stressed that giving out tithes does not make one poor as many think.

She wrote: “I work for my money, I get paid, and I decided to remove 10% for God and spend the remaining 90% right? How come the logical conclusion of why I am poor is not what I do with the remaining 90% but the 10% that I gave?”

Many who have come into contact with her assertion do not buy her idea. According to them, it will be prudent if that 10 per cent of salary is given directly to the poor and not to a pastor as a Tithe.

@streetkingfifty wrote: I’m not telling you how to use your money. But Why give 10% to a “church” when you can use that 10% to take a hungry child off the street. The goal should be a better human race not the most beautiful church structure and richest pastors. In my opinion ooo

@alozieofficial wrote: By giving to the God you mean giving to your pastor. If I tell you to spend the 10% directly to the needy, you will come up with an excuse. Matthew 25:40 (how to give to God).

@donlarenzo1 wrote: The same people go to clubs and shout when someone they don’t Know orders a #1,000,000 bottle of drink while asking God when. If I don’t complain when they spend their money I wonder why my GIVING upsets them Money – Mine Giving – My choice God – My father Anger – Theirs 

Jay Trap wrote: Lol do u know that if increase ur savings by 10% of ur income your poverty status will change for the better. Well it is ur money and u can choose to do what ever you want with it.

@iamcalyem wrote: No one has the right to tell you how to spend your money pls. The big question is; Does the 10% actually ends up where God wants it to be or it ends up helping “Men of God” live a more luxurious lifestyle Does the 10% have to go to into church pocket before it count as tithe?

The Question On Whether Tp Pay Tithes Is A Popular Debate Around Us And Usually Comes Up For Discussion Every Now And Then. What’s Your View On This?


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