Most Relationships That Last For 6 Years Normally Ends Up In A Year Time Of Marriage – Actress Etinosa Idemuda reveals

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Nigeria’s best known online comedy celebrity and actress Etinosa Idemudia has revealed the mode of long dating leading to a short term in marriage.

According to a statement she made, she believes young couples do not find ample time to dig more into what it entails in becoming a husband and a wife. She believes that the mistake most people do and rush into an unexpected marriage is due to long years of being in a relationship together for 6 years or even more.

According to Etinosa, young couples do not know that there is no difference between courtship and marriage except that formalities have to be done,i.e. paying of the bride price and sending the lady to your matrimonial home permanently. The actress was wondering if this could also be another reasons but she certainly believes that the unreasonable expectation about marriage is what she believes causes short lived marriages.

Aside that, she recounts what you do during courtship is similar to the things both the man and woman would do when they get married. She emphasized on both parties wanting to be treated differently from how it use to during courtship, she pointed clearly, “at this point is were the problems in the marriage begins to rise”, Etinisa reckons.

When people lower limit their expectations of marriage and continue to do the same things that kept them together for that long period of time during courtship, they should have life-long marriages and not to divorce after some few years time.

Etinosa pin point on the fact that, there are countless of reasons that leads to short-lived marriages but the ones she pointed out cannot be overlooked.

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