Patapaa’s ex and Bukom Banku in love?

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Queen Peezy, Patapaa’s ex girlfriend has been trending because of a viral video of she and Bukom Banku kissing, that went round.

Queen Peezy and Bukom Banku seem to be in love even though the latter has wives and chicken. She said in a video that if Patapaa does not love her, she’s found love in Bukom Banku.

This comes barely two weeks after Patapaa and his girlfriend Liha Miller got married.

Quite a number of people also say Queen Peezy only wants to be famous and would do anything to get the fame that she seeks.

Almost two years ago, after Patapaa made the relationship between his wife, who was then his girlfriend public, Queen Peezy came out to say she was being dumped by Patapaa after the latter used her to satisfy his sexual needs. She even threatened suicide on social media.

Why will most young ladies do anything for fame?


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