Wendy Shay and Delay. Beef?

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Some days ago, Deloris Frimpong Manson, popularly known as Delay, host of The Delay Show alleged on her show that Wendy Shay, an award winning young Ghanaian artiste had unfollowed her on social media after she made a concerning comment about the Bedroom Commando hitmaker.

According to Delay, she saw a picture of Wendy Shay on instagram, and Wendy looked unwell. So as a big sister, she decided to call out Wendy on her Delay Show because she was concerned. Delay went ahead to say that Wendy Shay texted her on WhatsApp and they laughed over the comment Delay made on her show about the artiste and therefore doesn’t know why Wendy would unfollow her some days after.
Wendy Shay, has also in a Facebook live on her Page alleged that whatever Delay said was untrue because Delay unfollowed her first, and then she did same.

Is there a beef cooking? Why would they unfollow each other though? Or is it another mechanism to stay relevant as many celebrities do?


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