20 year old girl murdered

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Residents of Doryumu Abeka in the Shai Osudoku District have been left in a state of fear and shock as a 20 years old girl Juliette Obi, has been gruesomely murdered.

Residents said they heard a single cry at night on Monday, and went out to see what the problem was, only to find Juliette in a pool of blood, believed to be murdered.

People who saw her before her murder said she was in the company of a young man who is believed to be her boyfriend, who is yet to be found.

Residents were shocked and could not explain what exactly led to the gruesome murder of the young lady but they believe it could be relationship issues that led to her murder.

They described Juliette as someone who was lively and full of life. Her body has been conveyed to the morgue by the police, to assist in investigation.

Why not leave the relationship when there are issues, rather than hurting or killing the other?


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