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American rapper and songwriter Cardi B has offered a piece of advice to young girls who are always in a haste to move in with their guys regardless of the conditions their guys face.

Cardi B is an avid social media user and was a viral sensation prior to her presence on the reality television show, Love and Hip Hop. The Invasion of Privacy rapper is known for her reckless choice of words and approach; however, in a recent post, she has a word of advice for her younger female fans

According to Cardi B, it is not the best to move to move in with guys that still live with their parents, and so young girls should not be thirsty to move in with them.

Cardi B, who once faced the same situation, advised the young girls the mistakes she made in her past and knows too well it wouldn’t end up good so they should repeat same.

According to her, during your first few weeks you will have his parents like you for a couple of months but afterwards, they will begin to monitor your very movement in the house and look at you with weird eyes when they see you doing something as basic as opening their fridge to check on any available food to eat.


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