One Of Kasoa’s Fraudsters Spotted With Vomiting Snake Inside His Car

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It came to the attention of hawkers selling their goods around the Kasoa tollbooth that a big snake had been found coming out from one fraudster’s private car (Sarkawa) who happens to have been stuck at the tollbooth. This kept people wondering how the snake got into the car and what it was doing in there this Tuesday afternoon.

Reports that came in from Accra 100.5 indicates that, eyewitnesses who believed to have seen the snake coing out of the car whiles it tried to vomit out a substance which they believe would have been money.

The state and reactions of the hawkers and people around the tollbooth compelled some able bodied men to cross-check what they believed to have seen the snake acting as if it was about vomiting huge chunk omoney. This made the men to kill the snake.

According to passer by’s, they believe that particular type of snake is specially for spiritual purposes like money rituals.


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