Wendy Shay’s “Pray for the world has been Taken down, she threatens to sue YouTube”.

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Wendy Shay’s new banger “Pray for the world ” has been taken down by YouTube because the song is said to be a sample of Master KG’s “Jerusalema”

Wendy Shay’s released her latest song two weeks ago. The song has gotten good reviews and is making waves gradually. The video of the song was uploaded on YouTube as many Artistes do in recent times but the video was taken down because of copyright issues. The song is said to sound like Jerusalema.

This has made Wendy Shay’s very angry. The Singer is already dealing with Ghanaians’ critics because of her change of appearance. The “Bad girl gone worse” stated that there Lawyer was going to take up on the issue, she wasn’t going to turn a blind eye as she didn’t sample anybody’s song. She also said that YouTube taking down her video was an infringement of her rights.

MOG, the producer of the song added his voice to this issue. He blamed Ghanaians for this, he attributed it to the comments Ghanaians made on Mr. Drew’s new single This year Feautring Medikal.

Wendy Shay’s responded to MOG in affirmative.She explained that the cord progressions in her song is different from that of ‘Jerusalema’ and it is unfair for YouTube to pull her song down.

@mogbeatz this is the Country we are living in ooo …I will fight for my right because Pray for the World has a different chord progression from Jerusalema. SHAYGANG don’t worry my lawyers are dealing YouTube


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