Aaron Adatsi turns 21 years old, Eyram, “Baby mama” celebrates him in a romantic gesture.

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Aaron Adatsi is a young actor who is known by the name “Cyril”. Cyril is the name of the character Aaron played in the Educative and entertaining series “YOLO”.

Aaron was recently in the news for impregnating his girlfriend Eyram. Cyril was an advocate for abstinence before marriage so it became a shocking news when the rumours of their pregnancy reached Social media. The couple welcomed a baby boy last year.

Aaron Adatsi (Cyril)

The young actor turned 21 years today. His baby mama/ Fiance Eyram took to her Instagram handle to wish her baby daddy a happy birthday.

The baby mama also posted a video of a room decorated with flowers and two golden tree chocolate on the bed.

Happy birthday Aaron Adatsi. Enjoy your day to the max.


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