Ghanaians reacts to OB Nartey’s comments on Celestine Donkor’s Choice of collaboration.

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Earlier today, OB Nartey passed a comment on Celestine Donkor’s new single. The presenter condemned collaboration between Gospel musicians and circular Artistes

Most Ghanaians have replied to the comment of OB Nartey. They disagreed with the presenter as they saw no harm in the collaboration. They insisted that as a Christian it was your job to draw “people of the world” closer to God. It wasn’t like Celestine Donkor sang a circular music, she rather made circular musicians sing a gospel song which is also another way of drawing souls to Christ.

Celestine Donkor

As many disputed his comments, others have also sided with him. OB was only speaking from his findings as we all know what happened between such collaborations in the past. The Bible truly speaks of winning souls for Christ but it also warns children of God to stay away from those of the world. Is this just a case of the Bible contradicting itself? Some even called out Celestine for only speaking on the comment of OB, according to them other media houses refused to play the song and other people criticized the song as well. One Facebook user called her a hypocrite.

OB Nartey post on Facebook.

OB Nartey insists that there are many urban gospel Artistes that can be featured. Collaborations with Circular Artistes is needless

OB Nartey’s comment was supported by Nii Noi
Ministerkobby Musiq mocked OB Nartey with a sarcastic post.

Below is the link to the song with all the commotion”Thank you”


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