Husband Requests Selfie After Catching Wife With His Bestfriend

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This incident happened in Nigeria as one gentleman (husband) who’s name will be on hold for now had several complains from people about his bestfriend and wife’s inter-relation anytime he absent himself from them. This made the man to lodge a complaint to his in-laws who turned a blind eye on it.

Loh and behold, just this wednesday after, he unexpectedly left one of his belongings at home so he quickly rushed back only to find his wife in bed with his very own bestfriend. He then requested for a selfie to present it as an evidence to his in-laws.

Below is a picture between the man and his bestfriend;

This scene has also gotten users on Twitter to share their views of not having a bestfriend, why should you cheat whiles you are married, why the need to remain single and live your free al.

Below are some comments made on Twitter;


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