Is Stingy men Association a thing? It’s getting real

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The Stingy men association trend started in Zambia in East Africa as a social media trend, when Zambia men pledge not to spend pass 5,000 Zambia currency on their girlfriend but better to invest it and earn interest.

One man allegedly assault his wife over money worth 150,000 Zambian currency after she continuously claim he is S.M.A.Z member ( Stingy Men Association of Zambia), according to the Gossips of Zambia. The man Identified as Mr Loenard Mweembe has been arrested after the assualt of wife Mrs Mweembe because she asked for money to fix her hair.

The trend followed up in Nigeria, and many people claimed to have joined to association. It went viral when Don Jazzy announced his membership. It was all jokes but it seems to be getting serious.

Don Jazzy

The trend has spread to Ghana. Many people seem to be getting memberships cards. Now as to the cards being real or photoshopped is not known but the association is getting real.

The membership card.

Other people have popped online with a logo and T-Shirts for the association. People seem to be conducting meetings concerning Stingy men association.

Stingy men association of Nigeria

Some people are reportedly taking advantage of this trend. They have started take money to make cards and T-Shirts for people who want to join the association

The social media Joke seems to be getting real. More members are pouring in.


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