Ghanaian lady dies in Jordan after falling from 3 storey building

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A Ghanaian lady identified as Elizabeth Antwi has met her untimely death in the Jordanian capital city of Amman.

Elizabeth Antwi is her name and a home worker in the Arabian country.

She is reported to have fallen from a three-storey building in the process of cleaning a glass.

According to a Jordanian woman who was identified as the ‘madam’ of the deceased, Elizabeth fell from the building and was rushed to a hospital where she died later.

The ‘madam’ explained that upon hearing the news of the lady’s fall from the building, she rushed to the police with the hope of seeing her but was prevented since the police suspected that the deceased was trying to take her own life.

The madam also said that the lady fell about two weeks ago and died on 24th December but she only found out about her death some few days ago by the police.

It was after the news of Elizabeth’s death that she found ID cards in her home to help find the deceased’s relatives.

A Ghanaian man identified as Mohammed confirmed the news of Antwi’s death and asked Ghanaians to assist in locating the family of the lady who died.

The passport of the deceased as was seen in the video shows that she was born in 1993 and she is from Kumasi.


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