The Akwaboahs released another Duet.

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Kwadwo Akwaboah and Akwaboah Jnr. are on the road of remixing old hits of the Akwaboah generation

The father and son who are both second generation and third generation of the Akwaboah music tree released a remix of Awer3kyekyer3 last year amidst the Corona. The Akwaboahs made a promise to release more of such songs.

Akwaboah snr. and Akwaboah Jnr

Akwaboah Jnr released a teaser of their new duet, Face 2 Face on his Facebook page few days back. He announced that the song will be fully release on 15th January 2021. True to his words and audio of the song has been released on today 15th January.HS -Face to Face.Full video

The song has generated positive comments so far. People are loving every bit of it.

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