A Ghanaian woman has been arrested for keeping sea turtles in her shed.

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A woman has been arrested for keeping turtles in shed. The woman who seem to have no idea about the crime she is has committed had about 7 turtles in her shed. The butcher woman has been doing this for long

The turtles were rescued by Bahari Kaduna , a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) whose main aim is to protect sea creatures. They made the revelation about the arrest on their Facebook

The Secret Seven! Less than half way through January and 2021 looks to be shaping up as another very unusual year. Irrespective of global events our work continues at grass roots level in the local communities on the Western Region of Ghana.

Yesterday was one unusual day in an unusual month when we got word of a butcher woman who had a number of turtles she was hiding in her shed. Country head, Eric, along with the help of local law enforcement, ensured the turtles were retreived amid much commotion and brought to the nearby beach around Dixcove for release. Oblivious to the fact that only a short while earlier they were destined for the dinner plate, the turtles once on the beach, did what turtles do and headed for the water and off back out to sea.

A happy ending and some good luck in early 2021 for the turtles. The butcher woman on the other hand will have a somewhat more difficult start to the year due to her illegal actions.

~ Bahari Kaduna

reading through the comments, it was noted that even though Ghanaians supported the freedom of the turtles, no one liked the idea of the woman”s arrest. Just like the butcher woman, most Ghanaians don’t know that it is against the law to eat certain sea creatures.

In one one of the comments someone suggested that instead of arressting the butcher woman , they should have educated her on the life cycle of the sea to make her aware of her actions.

Yh we are look at the wrong side of things
Ignorant isn’t part othe law yeah u are right
So on the normal basis how many have been educated about marine life of these animals
What am trying to prove is that the system ain’t working
To my understanding these woman has been doing this for a long time
The probability that she doesn’t noe the life cycle of these animal is high
They should leave the woman and rather educate the community about the life cycle of those animals

~kobby Ryder

The Sea turtles have been released


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