Otukonor trending again for his “wrong” taste in fashion

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The Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, Peter Boamah Otukonor has been trending on social media because he wore a caftan with sneakers

Otukonor posed in a wine colour caftan and a white printed sneakers. He had his usual smile displayed in the picture. Never did he suspect that the beautiful picture he posted online will be used to make fun of him.

It looks like Ghanaians are not ready to stop picking on Otukonor. Many Ghanaians especially those in the Npp party picks on his looks. After the elections, Otukonor was picked on when Sammy Gyamfi misplaced his mobile phone during a press conference.

Today Otukonor is being picked on Just for wearing clothes. Isn’t that cyber bullying? The comments and posts might be funny but no one has even posted it with a defending or appeasing caption.

Cyber bullying is not a good thing and should not be accepted in our society. It looks fun until you are being bullied for something that you did innocently without stepping on any toes or hurting any living thing.

What is actually wrong with His dressing? Is it that bad? Is he the first person to make such a combination or is it because he is Otukonor?.


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