GHANA MUST GO is 38years old.

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On 17th January 1983,exactly 38 Years ago, Nigeria expelled two million undocumented West African migrants, half of whom were from This led to numerous death and many casualties. Human were packed in vehicles with no comfort or soever and dump back in their country of origin.

Shehu Shagari,The President of Nigeria in 1983 issued an executive order mandating immigrants without proper immigration documents to leave the country or they would be arrested according to the law. The order was in alleged response to the religious disturbances that had engulfed parts of the country in 1980 (the Kano Riots) and 1981. Most of the immigrants were West Africans and mainly Ghanaians.

Nigerians had struck the luck of crude oil in 1958. They started rising to the top as oil was bringing them lot of revenue. The oil invited many foreign based firms like Shell and Mobil. In 1974, Nigeria was selling 2.3million barrels each day. This improved the standard of living of the citizens.

While Nigeria was flourishing,Ghana on the other hand was suffering. The Cocoa market has crashed and the Nkrumah government was overthrown in 1966. Famine set into the land. Even though the population was about 7million, most people set out to the nearest English speaking country which was Nigeria. They worked as labourers, teachers and any other jobs they could find.

In 1980, Nigeria’s oil price started falling, by 1983 the price reduced from $37 to $29 dollars. It was then that the sitting president of the time ordered the alien law.

Many Ghanaians had to sell their belongings at cheaper prices just so they can afford the fare back home, the fare was doubled. Many people had to face the hostility of Nigerians. Ghanaians packed their remaining belongings in a jute bag and 38 years later this bag still has the nickname it got from those times “Ghana must go”

Ghana must go just bags.( Photo not from 1983)

Many thought and still think that the Nigerians were only paying Ghana back for what happened in 1969, when the then-Ghanaian prime minister, Kofi Abrefa Busia, invoked the Aliens Compliance Order and deported an estimated 2.5-million undocumented African migrants, the majority of whom were Nigerians.

38 years after sacking Ghana from their country Nigerians are now in Ghana conducting business very cheap; way cheaper than Ghanaian business men , same thing they did that made Busia invoke the order. To rub salt in injury they still call jute bags Ghana must go in Ghana.


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