Don’t Under Estimate The Little Business You’re Into – Nigeria Lady Advices

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A lady with the Twitter handle @EduEle5 has displayed her family business with a great pride, telling her fellow tweets about how she and her mummy fried garri on Sunday, January 17. Edu said they both had to endure great smoke and heat in order to deliver a great product. People have showered her with praises, saying.. she is different from a whole lot out there who are waiting to be someone else’s dependant. legit.nt

Below happens to be Tweet made by Edu;

“About today. Me and my mummy killing it with smoke and heat. This is part of our hustle oo”

Tweet made Twitter user @EduEle5

Her post has gathered over 20,000 likes with hundreds of amazing comments praising her.

Another Twitter user by name @ademola0530 tweeted;

“God will bless your hustle. If I dash you 5k I believe you will know the value compare to Open legs association.” @Jesuonyem said: “This Garri is always sweetest to drink with the first three days. It has that tangy taste if you mix it with sugar, milk and groundnut.”

@obiagirlie also Tweeted:

“You have not told us how you sell or where we can order this garri. Nne finish the marketing biko. That’s good business you are doing there” wELL dONE.


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