Uganda After Election. It was not free and fair, They cheated- Bobi Wine.

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The recent Uganda elections made the world news. The elections brought about so many topics; The military against the people especially the opposition.

The internet saw an election that was very fierce in Uganda. Most people thought they could predict the elections but they got it all wrong. Amidst the ‘going off the internet saga, the military hurting people, the #removingadictator trend, the invasion of Bobi Wine’s residence and the missing opposition members” Yoweri Museveni won. He is the sitting president and getting ready to work with his seventh American president since he came into power.

Even though the internet has been restored, Bobi Wine’s residence is still invaded by men the government insists are not the military. But if they are not the military why is the “true military” not getting them out.

All efforts by international forces to reach Bobi Wine has been blocked by the Ugandan government. They are pretty serious about keeping external forces out, no interference or whatsoever.

In a recent video Shared on Bobi Wine’s facebook page. The election was not free and fair. The video showed ballot papers that have already been voted on even though they are still attached to the booklet. According to Bobi Wine, the video was sent to him by an EC official who couldn’t watch him being cheated. Is this an issue of oppressors rule? If yes, can the people of Uganda resist?

This particular video was sent to us by a member of the UPDF who was disgusted by what they were commanded to do! He told us they spent days pre-ticking ballot papers in favor of Museveni because they knew there was no way they could beat us in a free contest! Up to now, it is difficult to believe that a one time prized revolutionary is going down as one of the world’s most despised despots! Did he claim to have gone to the bush because of a rigged election? How despicable! Keep the evidence coming in comrades.

Yoweri Museveni, President Elect of Uganda.


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