Fight against illegal mining. Military men guarding the Chinese.

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There was an almost war at a mining site at Tontokrom in the Manso area of the Ashanti as a task force tried to arrest Chinese people engaged in illegal mining. According to reports by Asare Donkor on Joy News TV, the task force was stopped from effecting the arrest of the Chinese by a group of military men and other heavily built guards.

30 fully-armed military men were protecting miners pillaging Manso Forest. They were met by the task force who came to arrest the Chinese who were busily engaged in mining activities in the forest area. After talking for while, the task force arrested the Chinese while they also found a number of military uniforms hanging in the makeshift rooms on the compound. Not long after, the task force was confronted by the military men numbering about 30 with and with the support of the private guards, they overpowered them.

The private guards who are reportedly affiliated to the NPP’s Delta and Invincible Forces attacked the media crew, smashing the car windscreen and a side mirror. The media crew was detained and it took the intervention of high offices for them to be released. Per Asare Donkor’s report, their checks at the Ministry of Environment and Science indicates the owner Heritage Imperial Donald Tuah had claimed to have licences their checks have released that the company only has a prospecting licence and thus make their activities in the forest illegal.


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