If you respond to a call with Hello, you will go to Hell- Evagelist Papa Shee.

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Evangelist Papa Shee was a hip life Musician in Ghana, as an artiste, Papa Shee entertained us with songs like Koyon so, Ate pa, Atadwe. The US based Ghanaian went off the screens for a while and resurfaced an evangelist.

papa shee

According to Evangelist Papa Shee in an interview, whoever answers a call by saying ‘hello’ is bound for hell fire. Yes- you read that right! And the seriousness with which he made the statement despite its ridiculousness is unimaginable.

Papa Shee indicated that he answers calls by saying ‘Hallelujah’ or ‘Amen’ since he knows the implication of the word ‘hello’. He’s heard saying;

“The Enemy is very crafty. You can say ‘praise the Lord, or Amen or Good morning, Good afternoon when you receive a call. Words are very powerful.

The enemy is very crafty. Hello, and other words are all terms the devil has devised. Hello means ‘HELL O’,

~Evangelist Papa Shee


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