Lady Disgraces Boyfriend For Proposing At The Market

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A case reported on Tuesday afternoon at a market in Lagos state where one fine lady gets furious for the boyfriend proposing to her at no other place than a local market center.

The scene was actually recorded on phone which happens to have gone viral on social media, the young man knelt on his knees asking the lady to marry him in the market.

The lady, who was obviously filled with fury because of her boyfriend’s choice of location, could be seen shouting angrily on her man to stand up and stop embarrassing her in public.

Boyfriend’s proposal turned down

She kept on talking about why he decided to pop the big question at the market centre, whiles the helpless man kept begging her.

In her words,she stated;

“Why in the market? Why would you embarrass me like this? Are you mad? Can you fuck!ng stand up?”

Watch the video below;


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