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Controversial self acclaimed counselor, Counselor George Luterodt, in an interview known as the Link Up Show, hosted by Mona Gucci, has stated that ugly ladies have the nicest “pussy”.

He went ahead to say ugly women do not really get the attention of men because they are ugly but the beautiful ones rather get the attention and that in actual sense, the ugly ones are sweeter in bed than the pretty ones.

He explained that the reason why some nice men are always seen with ugly ladies is because they’ve been attracted to the ladies “vajayjay”.

Counselor George Luterodt is known for making comments and utterances that spark controversies and was even banned sometime ago from a popular television station. There was even a time where the association of counselors came out to say they have no relations whatsoever with the self acclaimed counselor.

What actually drives him to say things like that in public? Especially sensitive topics. Could it also be that we are over giving him the platform to do so?


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