“Ama Broni was not fingered”-Shana Tells his side of the story

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A Musician called Shana had the chance to perform his new single at a carnival in Liberia camp “Budumburam” a settlement in Kasoa. It was at this festival that the Musician threw a dare to the young ladies at the carnival. Per the title of his single “Remove your pants” he wanted a lady who could remove her pant and twerk naked for $100.

Ama Broni was the unfortunate lady who accepted the dare, to many $100 is not enough money to make one go naked in public but Ama Broni did it anyways. The mother of seven months old twin girl took the challenge but lost her life afterwards. Reports of social media said she was sexually harrased while twerking.

Shana, the Musician who brought all this has told his side of the story. According to Shana, Ama Broni was not sexually harrased. He said he together with his men shielded Ama Broni on stage while she dressed back up. Even though she enticed many men with her erotic dancing, no one touched her.

He claims he didn’t even know Ama was going to dance naked. According to Shana he thought Ama Broni was going to twerk with G-string on like most girls do. He said he only realized she was naked during her performance. But wasn’t the dare “remove your pant”? How wasn’t he expecting her to go naked?

He said that, Ama broni didn’t die on stage as speculated. Ama broni died backstage, she slipped, fell off the stairs and landed on some naked wires which electrocuted her immediately.She was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Source: celebrity Tv


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