Prada cut ties with Brand ambassador over family facebook drama

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Italian designer Prada has cut ties with a popular Chinese actress engulfed in a surrogacy scandal.Prada announced it was parting ways with 30-year-old Zheng Shuang on Tuesday, a week after appointing her as a brand ambassador.

The company had been heavily criticised for working with Ms Zheng, whose former partner Zhang Heng has accused her of trying to abandon two children the couple had through a US-based surrogate.

“The Prada Group has terminated all cooperation with Ms Zheng Shuang,” the company said on its official Web account, without providing further details.

The controversy began on Monday when Mr Zhang took to Chinese social media to release voice recordings of a woman, he said was Ms Zheng, lamenting that it was too late to abort the children.

According to reports, a man thought to be Ms Zheng’s father, is then heard suggesting that the children could be given up for adoption.

In a statement, Mr Zhang said he was stranded in the US taking care of the two children, who were born in 2019 and 2020, alone after Ms Zheng left following their split. She seemed to have abandoned her children and moved on with her life like they never existed.


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