I married for revenge: Tima Kumkum

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Cynthia Tima Yeboah, popularly known as Tima Kumkum, a tv presenter and an actress has confessed on the Delay Show, the reason for her failed marriage.

According to the actress, her marriage failed because she didn’t love her husband and only married him as a revenge on her ex boyfriend who slept with her best friend. She said she married her husband to punish her ex who was her boyfriend at the time.

Tima told Delay, the host of the Delay show that she and her ex husband were good friends but she never loved him. In her words, she stated:

“I married my ex-husband to spite someone, an ex-boyfriend who had slept with my best friend. So it was a sort of revenge marriage. I was not in love with him even though we were friends and I liked him”.

Tima Kumkum who has 2 children, narrated on the show that she never really confessed to her husband that she didn’t love him but clearly, her actions showed it and her ex husband always had high hopes that she was going to love him some day. She said:

“He knew I didn’t love him even though I didn’t tell him, he knew, and he thought with time I could develop love and affection for him. He thought it would grow because he is a good person, he never wronged me”.

Tima admitted she had regrets for filing a divorce and that if she was God fearing then, there’s no way she would have considered divorce. She stated once again that:

“I have a lot of regrets; I have so many of them. Because if I knew God then I don’t think I would have filed for divorce, I would have taken my time. I left out of anger and little issues that I could have dealt with. It’s too late now though, but there is God”.


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