Brother Sammy reacts to Cecilia Marfo’s actions on Joyce Blessing.

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Gospel Musician and Worship songs minister, Brother Sammy is not in support of the way Joyce Blessing was treated on stage by Cecilia Marfo. According to Brother Sammy, Cecilia is a fraud and a demonic Singer. The Holy Spirit has no hand in her ways. She just takes the least opportunity to shine without thinking about how it will affect someone else.

In a live video, Brother Sammy narrated his own ordeal with Cecilia. He said that Cecilia Marfo called him on stage , slapped him six times and tore his necklace. She went ahead to sprinkle water on the torn necklace and made utterances that meant that He, Brother Sammy was an occult.

Brother Sammy said in the video how this affected him. He believes that is not how the Holy Spirit operates. Brother Sammy expressed his concerns on what happened with fellow Musician Joyce Blessing. He felt Cecilia’s actions were unnecessary and was too extreme. He believed that Cecilia could have said whatever she wanted to say to her backstage. It didn’t have to be on stage and especially not when she was performing.

Joyce Blessing and her husband are currently seperated.

Brother sammy


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