Ghana girls are harassing me sexually: Kweku Flick

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Kweku Flick, the young Ghanaian “money” hit Maker, has said in an interview with Abeiku Santana that girls are drooling over him and asking him to have sexual relations with them.

He said it’s really so much of a worry to him that numerous ladies ask him for sex since he’s very much focused on his music now and wouldn’t want anything to jeopardize his musical career.

In past and recent times, we’ve often heard artistes and other celebrities coming out to say people of the opposite gender start to throw themselves at them once they get famous.

The male celebrities especially are the ones who normally make these claims. One would think it’s an opportunity for them to have fun since the ladies come crawling at their feet willingly.

But that’s not the case with upcoming young and talented artiste, Kweku Flick. He seemed not to be so happy about it during the interview with Abeiku Santana.


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