I regret my Divorce- Tima Kumkum.

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Ghanaian media personality Cynthia Tima Yeboah well known as Tima Kumkum has given Ghanaians a sneak peek into what led to her current state of loneliness as she opens up about her marriage to her ex-husband.

“I regret divorcing my husband, he didn’t do anything wrong”, TV personality, Tima Kumkum has revealed.

She had earlier mentioned in an interview on The Delay Show that she needed a man, her marriage with his ex-husband failed because that she was not in love with him even though he was a good person.

The separation began when I took seed with my second child, it was all due to some misunderstanding. I couldn’t say he cheated but things didn’t go well with us. I moved from Koforidua to stay with my friend when I was pregnant… I didn’t know the whereabouts of my husband as at the time I was carrying our child but after my safe delivery he resurfaced, that was during our separation in 2014,” ~ Tima Kumkum

During the latter part of the interview , Tima mentioned how she had regretted leaving her young marriage very quickly when all she needed was patience.

Tima kukum’s Interview with Delay


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