Netherlands Impose New Restrictions On Ghanaian Travellers

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The Netherlands Embassy in Ghana has imposed a new travelling restrictions to travellers in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and its new variants.

The restrictions includs,e flight bans for countries where there is “a very high prevalence of COVID-19 or a risk of the new variants” according to a press statement from the Embassy.

Even though a travel ban have not been imposed on Ghanaians, travellers from their countries to the Netherlands will have to undergo an additional antigen rapid test before departure.

According to the statement issued ;

“This requirement is in addition to the already obligatory PCR-test, taken 72 hours or less before departure. Exempted from the rapid test requirement are diplomatic passport holders, Heads of State and Cabinet Ministers and minors below the age of 13 years old,”

“It will no longer be possible for essential business travellers, students and cultural professionals/artists to apply for travel documents.”

These new travel restrictions will commence at midnight on 23 January 2021.

The Embassy also stated that, the number of exempted categories of eligible travellers to the Netherlands will be reduced.



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