Fella Makafui Reveals Why She Stopped Attending Church

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Fella Precious Makafui is a Ghanaian actress and a philanthropist. She is known mostly for her role in Yolo and married to Ghanaian singer and rapper Medikal. Fella Makafui explained the main reason why she stopped atttending church on United Showbiz with Empress McBrown as host.

She pointed out clearly one man of God who approached her one time and said certain things which was contrary to what she needed at that instant. She clearly said due to this reasons and more it really made church going something else. She also made mention of staying at home and still maintaining a good relationship with God is all that matters.

She quoted;

“Even the churches that we go to, we can’t really tell if the pastors are telling us the truth or not. I quite remember an encounter I had with a pastor discouraged me from going to Church. I should just stay home, be good, treat human beings well and pray to my God because of the experience I had with Pastor”.

Source: Amazingtimesgh.com/mnobeng


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