The worse will happen to Mzbel if she doesn’t apologize – Naae we

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Musician Mzbel has been summoned by Naae We. The Musician called the gods of Naae We fraud when they refused to “kill Afia Schwarzenegger” over a beef on social media. According to Mzbel, She gave them GH¢ 2,000 to deal with Afia Schwarzenegger but Naae we didn’t respect their part of the deal.

Nine priests and priestesses of Naae We stormed Abeka junction and did a whole lot of fetish

The priestesses, clad in red and white, are seen around Abeka Junction near the premises of UTV, where Mzbel made that her fraud statement. They are heard chanting and raining curses on the singer. The leader of the group is heard saying that the gods had sent them to ask Mzbel to take the necessary measures to retract the statements she made against them.

You called them thieves, you called the gods fraud, you said they can’t be trusted. You have defamed them in the eyes of all. They are asking you to be summoned for interrogation,” the leader is heard saying.

This is coming on the heels of Mzbel calling the Nae-We shrine a fraud. She said she had gone there to beseech them to warn Afia Schwar against attacking her personality. However, the spokesperson is saying a different thing now.

After they took a sum of GHC2,000 from her, Mzbel said they could not help her and were also not refunding the money. Therefore, she believes the shrine is a fraud and asked that no one takes any case there. However, the spokesperson of the Nae-We priest, Nii Quaye, made a different claim that Mzbel asked them to kill Afia Schwar According to him, the priest told Mzbel directly that they could not help her because they do not kill at the shrine, and so she should take back the money she paid.

He said Mzbel insisted on having Afia Schwar’s life ended at all cost, and refused to take back the money. Nii Quaye has warned that the gods are very angry with Mzbel for calling them fraud, adding that if she does not humble herself and apologise, the worse will happen to her.


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