ChinaFaces Young couple holds special wedding ceremony during coronavirus pandemic.

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Covid-19 Wedding.

The COVID-19 epidemic has disrupted and affected all aspects of our lives, especially for engaged couples waiting to get married. A young couple in Tonghua City, northeast China’s Liaoning Province, figured out a way to hold their wedding ceremony in a fashion fit for the epidemic.

Originally planning to register for marriage on January 24, Liu Zhongmin and her fiance Xu Hui, had to cancel their plans because the city’s marriage registration department was closed due to the epidemic.

Both being community volunteers helping with disinfection and deliveries of daily necessities to residents, the two decided to use their volunteer certificate as a marriage certificate and hold a special and simple wedding ceremony in the community. China’s marriage certificate has a red-color cover, and the volunteer certificate is also in red. The colors are the same, and both of them have significant meanings.

Liu and Xu held the wedding ceremony on January 24, with both in protective gear and holding their volunteer certificates. With the witnesses and blessings of other volunteers, the couple happily shouted: “Today is January 24, 2021. We are married!”

When asked about their plan for a formal wedding in the future, Liu said that they will find another date to register their marriage, after the epidemic. But now, they only want to do more to help fight the.


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