Another Alleged daughter of Rawlings pops up.

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Earlier this week’s, during the vigil of the late First president of the 4th republic of Ghana, J.J Rawlings , a lady came out publicly announcing her relation to the late president. She claimed to be her daughter. Even before the dust could settle on the drama of a lady claiming she is the daughter of departed former President, Jerry John Rawlings, another 50-year-old woman has popped up with a similar claim.

This time, it is one Kate Yeboah who has exclusively reveiled in a telephone conversation that she is a Rawlings the world doesn’t know about

Kate Yebooah

Kate said she subsequently lived under the guardianship of an aunt and her husband who was a military officer because her biological mother struggled to take care of her as she was single.

Her guardians, she said, referred to her as Zanator, arousing her curiosity and subsequent decision to probe further.

Her probes, she said, led to her guardians confessing to her that she was fathered by the man Jerry John Rawlings.


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