Alleged children of the LateJerry John Rawlings. No.4 will shock you (twins)

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Some people, both men and women have made claims of being the children of the late Jerry John Rawlings, first president of the republic of Ghana.

1. Abigail Mawutor Rawlings

Abigail Rawlings Mawutor was the first one to make claims that went viral. There have been rumours of an alleged son and twins sons in the past but Abigail was the first woman to grant interviews and demand for her rights as a daughter of the late former President. According to the 52 year old woman, she just wants to mourn her father publicly like any of his legitimate children.

2. Kate Yeboah

Kate Yeboah is the second woman who made claims of being the daughter of Rawlings. According to Kate, she even met with her “father”. She said that he gave her money from time to time. She even took her children to meet him. Kate Yeboah and her father have pictures together, supporting her claims.

3.Akwasi George

The 50 year old man, A miner who lives in Nkronza claims to be the first son of Jerry John Rawlings. Akwasi George in an interview claimed that The wife of his father, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings tried to kill him.He said that a Friend of his “Sold him out” to the wife of his father after he landed a job as a bodyguard.

4. Hans Rudolph ( JJba) and his twin

Hans Rudolph is a Kumawood film Producer and an actor. In 2016, the star of the JJBA movie in an interview with Tracy Boakye disclosed that he is the actual son of Jerry John Rawlings. Hans said his mother told him that Rawlings was his father before she died. Hans has a twin brother who is in he States practicing medicine. According to Hans, the movie JJBA is a his real life story.

5. The Alleged son from Isreal.

A man was seen in the company of Kimathi Rawlings, the only known true son of Rawlings at the funeral of the late Ghanaian leader. The man bears a striking resemblance to the late Rawlings. He hasn’t said anything yet but his looks has got people Wondering if he is a son of the late former President.

6. Malik Stephane, the son of the alleged baby mama , Nathalie Yamb

A woman named Nathalie Yamb, took to her Instagram page to mourn the death of Rawlings. The woman posted intimate picture of herself and the late leader. The Cameroonian woman shared with the world beautiful memories of her and Rawlings including a son she named Malik Stephane.

Of all the alleged children, only Four of them : Abigail Mawutor Rawlings, Kate Zenator Rawlings, Akwasi George and Hans Rudolph have claimed that they are children of Jerry John Rawlings. Two of them: Isrealite and Malik Stephane are only based on rumours as neither has said anything relating to the issue.

When the media asked the claiming four why they never said anything when Rawlings was alive, the all attributed it to fear of their lives. Was Rawlings that brutal to the extent that his own “Children” felt that the world knowing about them could mean the end of their lives?


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