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Adelaide, a beautiful girl in her twenties has landed into the Music Industry. The Singer whose stage name is Adelaide the seer has released a song with Dope Nation and they call it “wire me”

Adelaide the seer was discovered by Dope Nation when her mother posted short clips of her singing on the internet. The young lady is very talented but unfortunately she has lost her sight.

In an interview with Abeiku Santana, the Singer shared her journey with blindness. According to Adelaide she wasn’t born blind, rather she had cerebrospinal Meningitis, an illness which attacks the nervous system. It was through this disease that she got blind eight years ago when she was in S.H.S 4

Adelaide the Seer

Inspite of her Blindness, the Musician is very confident and outspoken as well as talented. When asked what help she needed thrive in her Music career, the Talented lady asked for a mini studio where she could record and do projects by herself.

She also said that she composed the verse of the song “wire me” the first time she met dope nation in a studio. She commented on her stage name, Adelaide the Seer. According to beautiful Adelaide, she might be blind but her blindness is limited because it cannot hinder her determination. She said she has the vision of the greater picture and that’s all that matters.

Korle But teaching hospital has declared Adelaid’s case closed. According to them, nothing can be done medically. Anyway, Ghanaians are happy she still has her voice.

Watch “wire me” Music video below

Wire me by Adelaide the Seer and Dope nation


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