Ama Broni’s Mother Tearfully Narrates Her Daughter’s painful demise.( Video)

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Ama Broni, the slay queen who died during the Kasoa street carnival at the Budumburam Liberian Camp has sparked a lot of controversies. So many stories has been said about her death. Some say she she sexually harrased, Electrocution even some pastors say she was used for sacrifice. Her mother has finally spoken about the death of her daughter.

According to the sad mother, Ama Broni is a residence of Akwatia just like her. They stay in different houses but they see each other frequently. She said that Ama Broni’s friend who relocated from Akwatia to the city will visit from time to time and this urged beAma to also visit he friend in Accra. Gradually Ama became interested in Accra and started doing busy there. She wasn’t in support of it and her husband even offered Ama some money to start up a business which she declined.

In tears the woman explained the last encounter with her daughter. Ama Broni left her children for her mother on the 23rd of December 2020 to run some errands and that was the last time she saw her. Unknown to her, Ama followed her friend to Accra for the Christmas Celebration. She woke up on the 17th January to the heartbreaking news about her daughter her daughter.


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