He is not an Isrealite, He is Indian. Rawlings’ Alleged son.

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The death of Jerry John Rawlings, the first president of the fourth republic of Ghana and the last military personnel to be sworn president of Ghana brought out many hidden children who were unknown to the world.

The media saw Madam Abigail, the 52-years old woman, Madam Kate, the 50-years old woman, Akwasi George also 50, Malik Stephane 21 years and Hans Rudolph, a movie producer cum actor.

Amongst this list was an alleged Israelite who’s identity was not known. Ghanaians concluded that he was the son of Rawlings just because of his looks and physique. The man is fair and heavily built just like the late Rawlings.He was also seen in the company of Kimathi Rawlings.

In a post by one Edzordzi Kofi Dzikunu, The said alleged son of Rawlings is not his son. He is not related to him in anyway. He is just a close friend of Kimathi Rawlings. The man whose name is not even known is not even from Isreal, He is Indian.


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