I will continue to be on NAADA’s neck untill he pays every Menzgold customer. -Bulldog

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A few weeks ago, Bulldog was arrested by NIB for threatening the president while commenting on the collapse of Menzgold. According to him, the government cleaned up the system to protect customers so there is the need to pay them their lock-up funds.

Looks like Entertainment pundit and artiste manager, Bulldog didn’t learn his lesson, he says he will continue lambasting the Nana Addo government until the customer of Menzgold are paid.

“Emotions remain tempestuous until Akuffo Addo wakes up from his usual catnap and ensures myself and many others receive their locked up funds from Menzgold under his administration, ” he said.

Menzgold was shut down in September 2018, and stopped from accepting new investments.

An investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) found that the company did not have the license to deal in gold trading.

Unable to refund the monies for the 1,000 or so customers, estimated to be about GH¢200 million, Nana Appiah Mensah, the Chief Executive Officer of the now-defunct company was dragged to court.

While the final determination of the case is yet to be made, there have been numerous calls on the government to give customers a bailout but the Akufo-Addo administration has said it will not use taxpayers’ money to pay Menzgold’s depositors.


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