“You didn’t make me, God Did”. Lilwin to Kwaku Manu.

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Kumawood actor, Kwaku Manu boldly claimed that he was the one who brought Lilwin into the limelight.As expected Kwadwo Nkansah “Lil Win” has angrily fired back after his colleague. He believes that his success in the. Movie Industry was arranged in the heavens by the almighty God and not any man.

Just few days ago, Kwaku Manu in an interview Kingdom FM publicly argued that he is the mastermind behind Lil Win’s success because he is the reason the actor made it out in the first place.

According to Kwaku Manu, when he first met Lil win he instantly felt connected to the actor and it was not only because of his (lilwin’s) immerse talent but also it was because he (Kwaku Manu) felt the need to help the young actor

However, the interview got intense after. Kwaku Manu revealed that he is very disappointed in Lil Win for hiding this truth from the public all these years.

Well, to respond to his allegations, Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin in a Facebook post made some deep reveals to counter the allegations leveled by his colleague actor.

According to him, his breakthrough in the movie industry is from God. He also indicated that the public should “never underestimate the power of jealousy and the power of envy to destroy” that resides in some actors.


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