You’ll weep uncontrollably if you use pregnancy to trap a man: Charlotte Oduro

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Counselor Charlotte Oduro, who’s been in the news mostly because of her utterances has once again said that, a man must not marry a lady because she’s pregnant for him.

She made this comment on her broadcast and it has got many people talking. These were her exact words:

“If you are pregnant for a man and he says he does not love you, focus on taking care of the child… or you both put resources together and take care of the innocent child.

But to claim you are with a man and want to use pregnancy to lock him, you will weep uncontrollably in life. A man having sex with you does not mean the man loves you.

Some of them see it as a game. Women should rise up…you have sex with him once and all you say is I have fallen, what have you fallen for? For sex”,

“If you lock him with pregnancy because he does not love you and he meets someone who loves him you will be treated with contempt”.

Well this is a good advice to some men and women who trap their partners with pregnancy


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