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Nigerian cross dresser and cosmetic dealer Bobrisky is looking more feminine. The Socialite who was born male (Idris) is known accross the country and beyond because of his sassy looks. Although he hasn’t declared his sexuality, Bobrisky has altered his looks to be more feminine.

Despite the hard an well implented LGBT law in Nigeria, Bobrisky has bleached his skin and had, implants as well. Bobrisky’s feminine features keeps increasing as the year goes by, He was once arrested by the police but he said that he wasn’t gay or transgender. Even so, he keeps trying so hard to look like a woman.

Current picture of Bobrisky.

In a picture he updated on social media, Bobrisky was looking dapper, his waist line is looking tinnier and he looks very beautiful or handsome

He added that he is looking forward to more surgeries in the near future.


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