Osei Kwame Despite didn’t follow the COVID-19 Protocol listed by the president.

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Osei Kwame Despite, CEO of Despite Group of companies celebrated his birthday in grande style few days ago. He had over many celebrities accross the country. The all white celebration was a memorable one as celebrities like Sarkodie, Abeiku Santana and the likes graced the occasion.

The guest were spotted in nose mask but social distancing was not observed. The number of people present exceeded the number approved in the President’s notice.

Abeiku Santana, Tracy and Kennedy with their twin girls. No social distancing, no nose mask

In a post in a popular facebook group, a lady wrote about her observations during the celebration. Many social media users sighted with her. Others were quick to defend Despite. They claimed that the protocols were well observed. Pictures circulating on social media said otherwise.

Even if the mask was taken off and the people came together just for photography isn’t it still dangerous as Covid-19 can be contracted in seconds? ? Also what happened to the number of guests protocol that was implemented just last Sunday? Are some people above the law?

In all the occasion was a beautiful one, it gave us the opportunity to see the lovely children (.Twin girls) of Kennedy and Tracey of the famous Despite wedding of 2020 #kency2020


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