Kuffuor had twins with his White “Side Chick”.

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After the number of children that popped up after the death of former President Rawlings, people can’t help but wonder if he is the only prominent Ghanaian with such a past. Kuffour has also had the “allegded choldren ” runour.This perhaps the biggest sex scandal and the dirtiest but cheapest propaganda in the political history of Ghana.

Former President John Agyekum Kufuor became ‘hot’ between 2004 and 2005 after he was accused of having extra marital affairs with his “one-time Economic Advisor Giselle Yazji

Madam Giselle Yazji nicknamed ‘Yaa Agyeiwaa’ made headlines as the media began to track controversies involving reports of her work with then President Kufuor.

Madam Yazji described herself as President Kufuor’s mistress and claimed that she and the Ghanain statesman had given birth to a set of twins.

It was speculated that DNA test conducted showed that he, Kufuor was the biological father of the twins.

To prove a point, Giselle Yazji promised to return to Ghana with the supposed children on a scheduled date.

Giselle didn’t show up on the day she promised to bring her twins because of some reasons. After sixteen years of the alleged affair, Ghanaians are yet to see the twins Giselle bore for the former President Kuffuor


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