Archipalago throws Girlfriend a grand baby shower.

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Popular Ghanaian Facebook vlogger and promoter, Dennis Anane known widely as Archipalago or Palago Mufasa, has thrown a plush baby shower for his pregnant girlfriend.

In a circulating on Instagram, Archipalago and his male friends were seen entertaining guests at the baby shower with their dance moves.

They were seen in the video dancing to Sisqo’s Thong Song banger as they exhibited their breakdance moves from years ago.

Archipalago and his pretty girlfriend stole the show as they took center stage to also dazzle their guests with their superb dance moves.

While dancing, Archipalago was seen flaunting his wealth as he sprayed wads of cash on his expectant girlfriend who appeared very excited.

The outspoken Ghanaian blogger who lives in the United States of America was seen cheering on his girlfriend as she danced.

Archipalagos’s friends then took turns to reminisce their high school days as they engaged in what looked like a breakdance battle.


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