Man Disappears After Receiving Outrageous Engagement List

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One Nigerian man is set to wed his Akwa Ibom girlfriend, but he got hooked after receiving an outrageous engagement list given to him by the bride’s family.

The list contains various items expected from the man before their engagement which is meant to be held in the lady’s hometown in Akwa Ibom state.

According to the Twitter user who took to platform to share the outrageous list, the man in question allegedly fled at the sight of the list. In his post, he stated “Someone went to marry In Akwa ibom, this is the list he was given. He ran away”

A Post by one Twitter User @TheLazyCheff

Meanwhile the list has sparked anger all over social media as many described the list of items to be brought as overly outrageous and inconsiderate on the part of the bride’s family.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user @_noHANDLE had taken to the platform to also share a marriage list, which according to him was given to his sister’s fiance’s friend by his in-laws from Akwa Ibom State.

According to him, the marriage list got him ‘crying’ and he couldn’t help but share. His tweet reads,

“So my sister’s fiancé’s friend is getting married, she’s from Akwa Ibom Here is a list of demands from her family, I’m still crying for him.”


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