Richie defends Kuami Eugene on Guru’s issue

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Richie, manager of lynx entertainment has come out to defend Kuami Eugene on Guru’s issue.

It is recounted that during past days, Kuami Eugene went on an interview and said he’d denied Guru a feature because the latter went about being verbally rude to his boss.

Guru, together with some celebrities and social media users came out to call out Kuami Eugene for making such a statement and claimed he disrespected Guru who had been in the industry long before Kuami Eugene came out .

Eugene’s boss, Richie has however come out to defend the reigning artiste of the year, his signee for making such statements about Guru.

Richie also said Guru went about radio stations and interviews saying false news about him and his label, lynx entertainment to the extent of saying that he, Richie was sabotaging other brands.


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