Eugene Arhin’s Wife Demands For A Fair Share Of Their Matrimonial Properties

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Eugene Arhin is a Ghanaian politician. He is a member of the New Patriotic Party and the current Director of communications for the President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

Mrs Gloria Assan Arhin, the wife of the Director of Communications at the Presidency, Mr Eugene Arhin, has formally written to the High Court to file for a divorce. She filed the case at the High Court on February 10.

Mrs Gloria Assan Arhin is for a reason, praying the court to order her husband payment of GHS2 million as a form of a compensation to her.

Mrs Gloria Assan Arhin, who happens to be a former banker has allegedly claimed that her husband has been engaging in extramarital affairs with sidechick, Chantel Kudjawu (Gertrude Gbajo).

Picture of Mr and Mrs Arhin

Mrs Arhin alleged that her husband presently has a child of about a year old with another woman.

She alleged that her husband sometimes spend the nights with the women and when confronted easily gets angry and subjects her to physical abuse.

According to her, during the pendency of the marriage, she and the husband through their joint efforts acquired or developed various movable/immovable properties.

She stated in her post below;

“When I confront him on it, he yelled at me and sometimes verbally, emotionally, psychologically and physically abused me in the presence of our children. Respondent [husband] told me in one of the verbal abuses that I was not woman enough for him that is why he is involved with these other women.”

  1. A five-bedroom residential property (which was intended to be the matrimonial home of the parties) situate on a two plot of land lying at East Legon in Accra.
  2. A four-storey building comprising 16 separate flats/apartments situated on a parcel of land at Bubiashie in Accra which land was acquired from a family friend of Petitioner.
  3. An ongoing storey building comprising of 16 separate flats/apartments situate at Tuba-Weija in Accra.
  4. A storey building comprising apartments erected on a parcel of land situate at Teshie in Accra.
  5. A residential property situated at AU village at La in Accra.
  6. A residential building situated at Senya Breku in the Central Region where the Respondent comes from.
  7. A waterfront residential property/resort situated at Ada Foah in the Greater Accra region.
  8. 3K barbering shop at Teshie.

Mrs Arhin added that her husband has reduced her to a stranger and hardly communicates or spends any time with her except to bicker and quarrel which has caused her to live in a state of constant emotional stress and anguish.

For moveable properties, Gloria Arhin states that they have:

  1. One Ford F150 vehicle
  2. Toyota Avalon vehicle with registration number GR 7108-18
  3. Toyota Lexus vehicle with registration number GE 4646-18
  4. Toyota Tundra vehicle with registration number GE 7108-18
  5. Hyundai Elantra vehicle with registration number GE 4646-19



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