Larry Flynt , Publisher of Hustler Magazine and Activist Dies At Age 78

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Larry Claxton Flynt Jr. was an American publisher and the president of Larry Flynt Publications. LFP mainly produces pornographic magazines, such as Hustler, pornographic videos, and three pornographic television channels named Hustler TV.

He died on Wednesday morning of heart failure, TMZ said. His brother Jimmy Flynt confirmed the death but did not cite a specific cause. 

The newspaper said Flynt’s brother Jimmy had confirmed his death but did not give the specific cause. Flynt suffered from a variety of health problems since a 1978 assassination attempt that left him paraplegic.

Flynt, born in Kentucky, had been in a wheelchair since 1978, when white supremacist serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin attempted to kill him as he left court in Georgia. 

Picture Larry Flynt in a wheelchair

Flynt also loved to aggravate his critics with stunts such as wearing a diaper made from an American flag to court and was involved in a number of legal battles.

He is survived by T.J. Flynt; Theresa Flynt, who worked in marketing for the retail side of Hustler; Tonya Flynt-Vega, who accused her father of sexual abuse – claims he denied – and began the Coalition Against Pornography; and Larry Flynt Jr, who his father said was ‘worthless’

Picture of Larry and his workers during his 62 Birthday in Paris

He is said to have never objected to being labeled a smut peddler as long as he was considered a first amendment crusader, too. Flynt created a business with an estimated turnover of $150m at one point. As magazine circulation slipped, he stayed ahead of trends by investing in adult-oriented television channels, a casino, film distribution and merchandise.



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