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Tessica Brown, a young American lady who mistakenly used Gorilla Glue formular on her styled her past weeks ago got the attention of so many people around the world. Recently, this lady has finally gotten sweet relief from Dr Micheal Obeng (Surgeon).

Michael K. Obeng is a Ghanaian – American plastic surgeon. He currently practices in Beverly Hills, California and is affiliated with the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Obeng is the Director of MiKO Plastic Surgery and MiKO Surgery Centre in Beverly Hills.

Long before his work went viral for the four-hour procedure this week that got Brown out of her sticky mess, Obeng was twice rated among America’s top plastic surgeons by the Consumer Research Council and gained praise for his international nonprofit work through R.E.S.T.O.R.E Worldwide Inc., according to his biography on his clinic’s website

Picture of both Tessica and Dr Micheal Obeng

As weeks past by, it was reported that Tessica Brown took up Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng on his offer to perform the $12,500 procedure for free, and it was a pretty straining process. … almost 4 hours long!
The whole scene was kept on camera, from start to finish, and it’s amazing to see it play out — and to see the relief on Tessica’s face when it was all said and done.

Below is a picture of Dr Micheal Obeng and wife;

Picture of Dr Obeng and wife


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